new-construction-remodelsWhat it takes:

In the great state of Texas, if you want to become a licensed electrician, you have to put in the hands-on work, training and know the laws and codes regarding your work.

There are several different licenses available for electricians based on what field they plan to work in. Generally residential (non-commercial) you would see apprentices, journeymen, and Masters.


All candidates start out as an apprentice. An application and a $20 fee are required. You would then need to be hired into an apprentice program where you can then work as an apprentice until you have gained 8,000 hours of experience working under a Master Electrician. If you work 40 Horus a week, 5 days a week.  This should take about 4 years to complete. An apprentice should never work unsupervised. An active apprentice will need to renew their license every 12 months. Once you’ve reached your time criteria, you can then test to become a Journeyman electrician.

Bailey and Sledge happily employes apprentice-level candidates.  We believe that sharing our knowledge and growing a community of quality tradesmen with values and work ethics similar to ours is essential for a thriving workforce.