Residential Electrical Services

Electrical services are a necessity for every homeowner. It is important that you hire a professional electrician who can perform the job correctly and safely to avoid additional costs and damages that could result.

You may run into problems when there is an issue with electricity being installed incorrectly or improperly using materials that aren’t up to code. For example, having wiring in places where it wasn’t intended to be, putting holes through walls for cords and outlets, running wires across doorways and hallways where people walk through which can cause a safety hazard/tripping hazard, running new electrical wiring incorrectly, poor insulation of new wires which can cause overheating issues or even fire hazards.

Depending on what you are planning to do, there are certain types of electricians you may need. For new home construction, additions, and remodeling your home, you will more than likely use a general contractor who would include an electrical sub-contractor that would be responsible for the new wiring. If it is an addition to your current home then it’s possible they could be two separate contractors coming together for this job.

However, if you are planning to add technology such as new TVs, new speakers, new appliances such as a new stove or microwave oven with new outlets and new switches for lighting it is important to hire an electrician who specializes in technology wiring. You don’t want to get stuck having to re-wire something because the electrician you hired didn’t know how to correctly do their job and knotted up your new wiring and/or had bad connections which caused faulty wiring that doesn’t work correctly.

Adding more outlets or switches or any electrical service where there wasn’t one before requires a licensed professional electrician. In some cases depending on how long it has been since you purchased your home, new wiring may need to be installed from the box to the outlet/switch which could mean thousands of dollars in additional expenses that you weren’t planning on.  Make sure if adding new technology to your home or a whole new build project that an electrician who specializes in new technology services is hired.

It’s true when people say unexpected things come up during new home construction, additions, and remodels. However, trying to cut corners isn’t always the best way to go about saving money. Hiring a professional like Bailey and Sledge Electrical for a new installation is always the wisest decision. For example, you may find an electrician who offers services at lower rates than others but chances are this person has no experience doing new installations, which means they will have not have the knowledge to properly do their job correctly and safely which could lead to more headaches down the road. Having problems with faulty wiring or worse — fire hazards or electrocution issues — from bad connections are a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

To avoid any and all headaches when it comes to your residential electrical needs, call Bailey & Sledge Electrical at 512-470-4439