When the power goes off and the house gets dark, there is no reason to be afraid!

As a warning- You may find some spooky creepy crawlers… Watch out for those webs!

Take a breath, grab that flashlight, and try out these quick and easy tips!

  • Check the breaker
  • Check-in with neighbors
  • Call your local power company
  • Reset the GFCI Button
  • Unplug major electronics and appliances- TVs, Computers, printers, toasters, and electric devices.  NOT the refrigerator or major appliances.
  • Be sure to keep that refrigerator and freezer closed, or put cold/frozen food in an iced cooler.

After following these steps and your power is still off, it’s definitely time to call in a licensed professional.

Bailey and Sledge Electrical are just one phone call away and ready to help problem solve and get your power back up and running, so you can stop running from those noises in the night!