DIY and Finding a Licensed Electrician

Saving money is a big deal to the majority of us.  Doing DIY projects is a great way to save on a lot of extra costs.  But when is DIY not a great idea?

There are so many helpful Youtube tutorials online.  You can find just about anything on TikTok.  Want to make a coffee table out of old pallets?  No problem.

How to make a dog house out of old shoe boxes and duct tape.. sure.  I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there for that.  (If not, we call dibs, stay tuned!)

Again, DYI=Fantastic and sometimes a lot of fun.  We have very minimal issues with DIY projects.  Where we do have concern is when it comes to electrical projects.  Installing a fan can come second nature to some.  Updating light fixtures is as easy as running to Home Depot and swapping out some wires and screws…

…so we think!

Most if not ALL insurances companies will not cover damages caused by faulty wiring when installations are done by non-licensed contractors. Licensed contractors go through rigorous training and know the correct and safe way to install electrical fixtures.  They’re trained to look for bad wires, shortages, and potential dangers.  The simplest mistake by a DIY’er can have catastrophic consequences.

A simple call to us will provide you with the peace of mind you need that only a Licensed Electrician can provide. (512) 470-4439